Jenni Gates Therapy

Services and Fees

Private Counselling session - 1hour £40

This is an hour one-to-one session which would be from my Lympstone practice or in certain circumstances could be from your own home.

Please enquire about concessions.

Group therapy - 90minutes £15 per participant (min 4 people)

This I can offer tailored to the needs of any particular group, and attend the setting where the group normally meets.

Skype video or live chat counselling

I offer a worldwide service for English language speaking/typing clients. Appointments/contract arranged via email to

Session paid upfront via PayPal. 1 hour @ £40.

Gender Identity Specialist sessions

Initial consultation: £40 per hour, and then prices set according to needs of individual/organisation.

Counselling for children and young people

Initial consultation £20 for half an hour or £40 if you feel an hour is needed to discuss in further depth then £30 for 45min counselling session