Jenni Gates Therapy

Children, Young People and Adult Counselling based in Exmouth

BACP and Confidentiality

My code of conduct complies with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), respecting you as a person and honouring your trust.

My records comply with data protection legislation, protecting your confidences from disclosure to others unless authorised by yourself or by law.

Confidentiality is strict, and as such, I will never contact you by telephone unless you authorise me to do so. I keep brief handwritten notes - for my own use. You may access these at any time, should you wish. These do not contain your name. Your personal details are held separately. Both are kept under lock and key, for 3 years (in case you should choose to return to see me within that time) and then destroyed.

Should you wish to read more about any of this, you can find further information on the BACP website -